Project Lucy & Jay Update

LJBR Update

Lucy & Jay preview

Hello again! Today I wanted to share an update on the last game I mentioned. The above screenshot is what I currently have going on. The HUD took a while for me to figure out, but once I got it to work it was very satisfying haha.

Anyways, here is a list of things that I currently have working:

  • 2 player controls implemented
  • Shooting implemented
  • Pickups (collision; speed buff implemented for the wing)
  • HUD
  • Inventory (updates with pickups)
  • Destructible blocks that drop items upon destruction (with particle effects)

Pickup drops and shooting demonstration

Collision on the characters are still a little wonky right now. Sometimes (especially Lucy) they get stuck on the corners of blocks. I haven’t implemented all the pickups’ effects just yet but that’s what I’ll be doing next. I’ve also decided that I might let the players shoot each other instead of relying solely on traps to eliminate them. My next goal, like I said, would be to fully implement the pickups, sounds, as well as create multiple setups for the map to allow for a pseudo-random generation of stages. I’ll let you know how that goes next time!

Also I created a little pixel-me/logo for my site! I suppose this is unofficially the title of my company if I ever start one of my own haha.

DP Pixel Logo

Anyways, that’s all I have for this update. Thank you for reading ~


Project: Lucy & Jay’s Battle Royale

Lucy and Jay Crop

Sprites for Jay (left) and Lucy (right)

Hello again everyone. Today I’ll be talking about my new game idea called Lucy & Jay’s Battle Royale (LJBR). Above you can see the sprites I made for the star characters, Lucy and Jay. The idea came to me when I was speaking with one of my teachers. We were having a discussion about the companies that I wanted to work for in the future.

He was telling me about how these companies in discussion, liked to revisit old arcade games and revamped them. So with that, he encouraged me to do the same. I did a little research after speaking with him and decided that I would do my own variation of the classic game, Bomber-Man.

The Concept

Although I still haven’t thought out all the details, here was my initial thought process:

Idea: Bomberman meets Mario Kart Multiplayer (2-player) Arena Game

– Instead of dropping bombs to break blocks you shoot them you place mines that are triggered when stepped on by an enemy (then it breaks blocks)

– Goal is to eliminate other Players (or get to the goal before they do)

              • You can’t shoot them, you have to lay traps for them
  • Traps won’t be revealed until stepped on (?)
    • Maybe the goal is to box them into a corner with traps (?)

– Avoid hazards placed by the other player & kill neutral enemies by shooting them

  • Various weapons via pickups
  • Enemies drop special buffs that can’t be picked up otherwise (ex: higher ammo cap)

– Instead of dropping bombs you place hazards (like mines/etc.)

  • These are gained through pickups
  • You can only hold so many hazards (capped at 3, maybe less; depends on how strong the power up is or how often it occurs)

 **Alternate Idea: Eliminate 2 player gameplay; just lay traps down for enemies

Initially this will only be a 2 player game at maximum just to get the bare minimum working. In the future though if the game turns out well, I envision it to be a great 4-8 player game.

For this game I also decided to make my own art assets. This is the first game where I will be using 100% of my own artwork (whereas before I would use a mix of my own art and free assets, while credit the original creator).

As you can see from the first image in this post, the game will feature mostly pixel art. I made those sprite through this website if anyone is interested!

General Idea of Layout

Bomberman! – Picture from Google

So far I’ve decided that, much like Bomberman, LJBR will be a grid-based map consisting of both non-destructible and destructible blocks. At first, the non-destructible base blocks will stay in a grid formation (see picture above) and the destructible blocks will be randomly generated each game.

Mechanics & Pickups

Overall the mechanics are still in the making. I only came up with this idea a few nights ago. However as of right now, I feel that pickups will be a central part of the gameplay (this may change later). The idea behind this is that players will leave behind traps (think of the banana peels in Mario Kart) around the arena for the other player to encounter.The focus then would be to gather and set as many traps as possible to gain an edge on your opponent.

However after proposing this to another teacher, he raised the question of how this would be implemented as players would be able to see these traps and thus avoid them. So far the only solution i have thought of is that traps will only be visible to the players who placed them and the only way for the other player to see them is if they trigger them or with a special item.

Final Thoughts

Right now I think the mechanics and overall idea of the game is far from its final iteration. I will be working on it more in the weeks to come. I’ll try my best to post the updates here so you can follow along as well!

Project: Trust Me!


Trust Me_1

Hello again. Today I wanted to talk about one of the newer games I’ve been working on. It’s called “Trust Me!” and it is a maze based rescue and escort game. You play as an adorable little puppy (or kitten, to be implemented later) who wanders through a maze to rescue other creatures who are trapped.It is still very early in the prototyping stages however, the core mechanic of the animals following you is more or less fully functional right now.

The Concept

Trust Me_2

The idea is that you will approach them in the maze and start a dialogue with them. During this dialogue they will check whether or not they trust you enough to follow you to the safe zone. Ideally, your own kind will always trust you, thus always following you and allowing you to build up “trust points”. These points act as a sort of rank that animals of other species will judge you by.

If you pass the check, the creatures will begin to follow you. It is now your job to navigate around the maze and deliver them to the safe zone. Each creature will have their own unique base timer which indicates how long they’re willing to follow you for. The more trust you have, the more bonus time you will add onto their timer.

Trust Me_3

Once you deliver them to the safe zone a friendly dialogue will appear, after which the creature will disappear and you will gain points accordingly.

Trust Me_4

If you fail to reach the safe zone in before the creature’s timer runs out, they will flee away from you (back to their spawn) and you will lose trust points accordingly.

Things to Come

The idea is still being developed but here are some things that I plan to add in the future:

  1. Individual timer on creature to be activated once initial dialogue is completed
  2. Dialogue to be triggered as soon as you enter the safe zone (right now you have to talk to the cat while in the safe zone to trigger it)
  3. Power-ups and abilities
  4. Enemies
  5. Main menu and ending screen
  6. Music and sound effects
  7. Bonuses granted based on companion being escorted (ex: bonus player speed if companion is a cat)

That’s all I have for this game right now. I’ll be working on it a little more before I upload some video clips. Thanks for reading!

Project Bloop

Title screen

Title screen

Hello! I’m currently working on a game called Project Bloop. It’s a platformer that features changing background colors (known as “lights”). Each of these lights possess their own unique attributes that alter the player’s movement. Yellow light, for example, slows the player’s movement as well has lowers the height of the player’s jump. In every level, at least two lights will alternate between each other on an alarm, requiring the player to think quickly about their next move.

A small preview of the tutorial room

A small preview of the tutorial room


Purple light

*Video clips will be added soon!*

diamond divider

I feel like the prototype is in a good place right now, there are just a few things I need to add/change before I start designing stages and puzzles:

  • Visual feedback on light change
  • Change the mechanic for red light (Version 10: Red light now grants you 1.5x speed)
  • Reduce the void where you’re falling into your death (less cliffs, etc)
  • Make it more like Mario where there is a continuous strip of land with gaps in between.
  • Build platforms up from there so people can continue the game
  • Add a gradient background or some clouds or something
  • Change the timer so that it counts in minutes and seconds rather than just seconds
  • Credits and over-world screen (similar to the world selection screen in Mario)